Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mid-week critter: Dog on hearth

It's actually been cold enough here to have a fire in the evening a couple of times. Well, OK, the high today was 80, but I SWEAR we hit freezing only a few nights ago!

Since Texas Malamutes apparently do not have the cold tolerance that a real Alaskan Malamute has, Elias must take every advantage of the fire. Besides, what could be more perfect than a dog on the hearth? Ah, the life...


  1. And nary a dog bed in sight. Might have to clear the acorns out of my fireplace soon.

  2. Meidhbhe, notice that he's sprawled across the rug, floor, AND hearth. I believe he follows the law of physics that says that nature abhors a vacuum. ;)

  3. He's been emailing Winston and Barney ;-)